blood moon


Recently we experienced the Super Blood Wolf Moon in North and South America, Europe and part of Africa. The photos everyone shared were awesome. We can all relate to something we have in common, even it’s not of the Earth. And it’s a good feeling to be a part of something so special, and be able to share it with others who can relate.

My recent reading has told me that we are all a part of the same existence/energy/intelligent awareness and are interconnected. While it makes sense, it’s hard to fathom when we look at the differences between Mother Teresa and the Son of Sam, for instance. We see our differences so easily; our cultures, religions, races, political views and more. So we end up belonging to certain groups, like it or not. So even then, we don’t always feel like we belong to the groups we are placed in. Some people don’t even feel they fit in with the rest of their family. We want to belong, but we don’t always fit in, or fit the criteria of certain people to let us into their groups.

How important is fitting in to you? Who is most important for you to belong to?

In WHERE SHE BELONGS I hope to capture some of these feelings and opinions. Already, people have commented to me that just from the title of the book they could relate.

Please feel welcome to share your opinions here and give your insights.