When Life Changes Your Plans

Don’t you wonder how many times you’ve planned something only to have it not work out or be interrupted by something else? Too numerous to count, right?

On a recent trip to Hawaii after publishing AS WE FORGIVE THOSE a month earlier, I decided to put some thought into my next novel which I’d roughly planned. But nothing more came to mind. Meanwhile, a completely different story came through and it was set in Hawaii. I’d heard a few times when firsting writing some years ago, Hawaiian stories weren’t really popular because readers wouldn’t resonate with them. And after all, if I wrote a book set in the midwest where I’m from, it would be a new world to readers from elsewhere, but one they could relate with.

But how do you not write a book that comes to you so vividly as I experienced? Having no computer or notebook along, I used the hotel stationary to jot down thoughts as they came along, so I wouldn’t forget anything. And so my new novel was born.

What are your thoughts and opinions of a novel set in Hawaii?

Do you think going with your gut instinct overrules other suggestions?Copy of SDC10228