What’s your story?

20160525_145545Now that my newest release, THEIR GREEK KEY has been out a month, I’m being asked what I’ll write about next. I had nada, nothing. As you can see from the photo, I’m back to the drawing board with plenty of pens, but a blank page.

I considered writing a new series book from another character in my current book, but wasn’t quite sure about it. So I let the idea go, and figured if I was to write another book, something would come to me in time, although this is about the time of year I like to start writing, after having already mapped out my theme, goals, subject matter and conflicts.

I was resting yesterday, thinking I needed a nap, but that didn’t happen either. Instead, a slew of information about a story idea ran through my head. While it’s far from ready to write, I think it’ll develop.

Sometimes stories come through us, or from us, in our experiences of life or both. Even if you don’t like to write, remember everyone has a story to tell. Maybe you’ll consider writing yours or having another pen your words, because it’s definitely important enough to be told and someone is waiting or needing to hear it.

Happy reading and writing,




Chicago Greek Town Inspiration

As I reviewed the comment under my blog title, The Write Inspiration, “experience life, travel, be inspired, write” I thought I might relate a bit of a recent trip.

It’s been a year since I’ve visited the establishments on Chicago’s Halsted Street, so my memory of Greek town had dimmed. Plus, I’ve been to other Greek establishments elsewhere throughout the year.

Since it’s less than a month since my latest release, THEIR GREEK KEY debuted, with the book fresh in mind, I realized upon visiting the Pegasus restaurant, it sported the same blue doors, similar murals on the walls, and a Greek key design railing, all part of the setting for the restaurant in my book. I’d love to take credit and say it was all stored in my subconscious, but I know better. My friend, Gerri Russell, kindly offered to take my picture at the doors.

In any event, it reminded me that if we don’t travel overseas or even to a city a few hundred miles away from home, reading a book, any book, allows us to travel the world when we like. Costs less, too and better than no travel at all, besides the benefit to enjoy a story.

I think that’s one reason summer reads or “beach reads” are especially popular. The weather’s good, it stays light all evening, and it’s a great time to daydream into another world.

Although travel itself can be great, you need some kind of a story to go with it. So please share your comments of recent travel events here, but especially what books you may have enjoyed this summer, so the rest of us might consider them. After all, word of mouth is often the best advertisement. Feel free to share.

As always, happy reading,