When the season changes our reading aften changes.

As always, summer passes quickly and fall is upon us. Are your reading habits different? What do you like to have with you when you read during the fall? A cup of coffee or tea, a throw blanket? And what do you like to read? Halloween, winter or Christmas novels or more of the same? And last but not least for fun, what have you used instead of a bookmark?
I usually don’t read much differently, but have read some Christmas novels. Hot, green tea is a must for me. And I’ve used a receipt, another book and shameless scraps of paper when desperate for a bookmark! Please share your comments.


 red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water
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What are you reading this summer?

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I hope you’ll share with me what you’re currently reading or have recently read.

For me, I’ve caught up on some of the books I’ve heard about, but hadn’t taken the time to read. Now that I’ve finished my current manuscript, I’ve read three books I not only enjoyed, but have given me insight, knowledge, and superb stories which have stayed with me.

The first is The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Unbelieveable, but true. The second is Pachinko, which took me into a world I’ve never known. And the third, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I became absorbed into Eleanor’s seemingly usual lifestyle, but was greatly surprised by her life as I read along.

Has anyone read these books? If so, what did YOU think? And if not, what have you read that you’d recommend?

As always,

Happy Reading!


Why Did I Write It and Where Do Ideas Come From?

I am often asked the above questions.  The “why” isn’t too hard to answer. Besides enjoying the writing process (except for too much tedious editing!) I hope there is something in my novels that someone enjoys or that they may receive a message from they appreciate. Recently, I had a reader tell me they used my book “As We Forgive Those” as a basis for their lesson in a Sunday school class. I would have never imagined, but was so glad to hear this.
As for “ideas” it’s a different story. I pull some ideas from life experiences–mine and others, places I’ve traveled, and occasionally, social issues. But these are the extras I add to the story. I must’ve been born with an imagination, because when I’m open and listening in a quiet space, a story seems to come “through” me.
While vacationing in Hawaii last fall in such a peaceful place, the ideas for my current work in progress, working title “Where She Belongs” came about. With no writing tools, I grabbed a pen and paper from the hotel room and took down notes so I wouldn’t forget the ideas popping into my head. I had planned to write a different novel before the trip, but this one pushed its way in. So don’t be afraid to ask “what if?” and see where it takes you. Even if it’s only to a daydream, you’ll be better for it.

Hawaiian photos inspiring new novel

I’m still in the process of writing Where She Belongs, set in Maui. Here are a few photos that helped to inspire my setting for this novel. I hope you’ll remember some of the images when the book is released later on. In the meantime, enjoy a bit of Hawaii. More to come…




blood moon

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

Recently we experienced the Super Blood Wolf Moon in North and South America, Europe and part of Africa. The photos everyone shared were awesome. We can all relate to something we have in common, even it’s not of the Earth. And it’s a good feeling to be a part of something so special, and be able to share it with others who can relate.

My recent reading has told me that we are all a part of the same existence/energy/intelligent awareness and are interconnected. While it makes sense, it’s hard to fathom when we look at the differences between Mother Teresa and the Son of Sam, for instance. We see our differences so easily; our cultures, religions, races, political views and more. So we end up belonging to certain groups, like it or not. So even then, we don’t always feel like we belong to the groups we are placed in. Some people don’t even feel they fit in with the rest of their family. We want to belong, but we don’t always fit in, or fit the criteria of certain people to let us into their groups.

How important is fitting in to you? Who is most important for you to belong to?

In WHERE SHE BELONGS I hope to capture some of these feelings and opinions. Already, people have commented to me that just from the title of the book they could relate.

Please feel welcome to share your opinions here and give your insights.




Nomination of AS WE FORGIVE THOSE as best indie romance for 2018

I’ve been notified of this nomination of AS WE FORGIVE THOSE in the top 100 indie romance books for 2018 and have been sent a link for those who wish to vote for it to make it to the top 50. Thanks for your support and readership!



When Life Changes Your Plans

Don’t you wonder how many times you’ve planned something only to have it not work out or be interrupted by something else? Too numerous to count, right?

On a recent trip to Hawaii after publishing AS WE FORGIVE THOSE a month earlier, I decided to put some thought into my next novel which I’d roughly planned. But nothing more came to mind. Meanwhile, a completely different story came through and it was set in Hawaii. I’d heard a few times when firsting writing some years ago, Hawaiian stories weren’t really popular because readers wouldn’t resonate with them. And after all, if I wrote a book set in the midwest where I’m from, it would be a new world to readers from elsewhere, but one they could relate with.

But how do you not write a book that comes to you so vividly as I experienced? Having no computer or notebook along, I used the hotel stationary to jot down thoughts as they came along, so I wouldn’t forget anything. And so my new novel was born.

What are your thoughts and opinions of a novel set in Hawaii?

Do you think going with your gut instinct overrules other suggestions?Copy of SDC10228